Due to the rising number or COVID-19 cases in the greater Houston area, we have suspended all “in-person” gatherings through July 26th. We plan n to reopen our “in-person” gatherings as we come closer to the new school year. If you have any questions, please email us at


How do I plan to attend service?

  1. In accordance with CDC guidelines, we recommend you and your family wear a cloth face covering or mask. Secondly, to protect all of our families, we will have a “family-style” service. All children (birth-5th grade) will worship with the family in all of our service formats.

      2. In order to create a spacious environment, we have created two choices for families:

    • Main Service– Worship as a family in our Main Sanctuary.
    • Family Service– Streaming service in our NexGen Sanctuary for families with younger children.
  • Two Service TimesWe will have two service times for families  at 9 a.m. & 11 a.m. We encourage you to reserve your seating by clicking here. Your reservation will prepare our team for your arrival.

What precautions is Legacy (Calvary) Church taking?

 1. We are taking every precaution to provide a safe, sanitized, and secure experience for your Worship Gatherings. We have teams dedicated to preparing for your arrival before and after each service. 

2. We encourage all attendees over the age of 65 or who have compromised immune systems to worship online through our website, Facebook Live, or YouTube Live

3.If you have had any of the following symptoms, please worship with us on our website, Facebook, or YouTube.

Fever or Previously running a fever in the last 3 days

Cough or Sore Throat

Shortness of Breath

Contact with anyone confirmed to have COVID-19 (in the past 14 days)

Fever Over 100

Cough or Sore Throat

Shortness of Breath

Contact with anyone confirmed to have COVID-19 (in the past 14 days)

How should I prepare for the Worship Experience?

We will follow CDC and Texas Open Guidelines by practicing social distancing and create “best” practices for your safety and experience.

  • Ensure proper spacing between attendees:

 Keep at least two empty seats (or six feet separation) between parties in any row, except as follows:

– Two or more members of the same household can sit adjacent to one another, with two seats (or six feet separation) empty on either side.

 Alternate rows between attendees (every other row left empty). 

How can I help ensure a great experience for myself and others?

This is collaborative effort and we need your participation in protecting yourself and our servant leaders.

1. If you are sick, feel sick, or been around someone who has been sick in the last 14 days, we strongly suggest you to stay home and watch online.

2. When arriving, as a courtesy, please use our hand sanitizer stations before finding your seat in one of our two venues. We require mask to be worn in our main lobby, restroom, and hallways. You will be permitted to take off your mask during the Worship experience in our Sanctuary.

3. If you are a family with kids (Birth-5th Grade), we encourage you to use the restrooms before service begins and wash your hands to the song, “Jesus Loves Me”.

4. Pray for the service and for those serving during this “sensitive” time. 

a. Pray for protection on you and those around you.
b. Pray for provision as the church increases operations to serve God’s family and the community.
c. Pray for peace and grace. In a time of panic and uncertainty, we need the peace of God guarding our heart and mind.

What will be our online service schedule?

Our Online Schedule will remain the same, Sunday at 9 &11 a.m. & 6 p.m.
Our Worship & the Word on Tuesday will move to the first Tuesday of the Month.
Our Virtual Small Groups will continue online through Zoom & Social Media Platforms.